Shooting courses available in Malta.

We offer various courses such as: Target Shooter Licence A & B, Collector Licence A, Reloading Courses, Advanced Shooting Courses & Much more!


Target Shooter Licence A & B Course:

For Persons who wish to obtain the Target Shooting licence A (Revolver/Pistol/Rifle) and Target shooter Licence B (Tactical shotgun/Clay-Pigeon Shooting/Airgun/Black-Powder).


Collector Licence A Course:

For Persons who are interested in Collecting Pre-1946 firearms or who already collected a good number of new firearms.


Advanced Shooting Course:

You need to get better in using a pistol ? A rifle ? Or a shotgun, Contact us now, and we can cater for your needs.


Reloading Course:

The purpose of this course is to educate participants about the reloading process and assist them to develop the basic skills to start reloading their own ammunition.


Self-Catered Course:

We provide courses for your needs, just ask us what you’re looking for, and we can work something else.


Please do contact us for more information.
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